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Abr 09

No, sempre oportuno, FT lê-se:

It is still natural to think that leftwing politics will gain from a crisis in capitalism: why, after all, did the left come into existence if not to abolish capitalism, or at least tame it? That natural thought has not always been right in the past: it certainly is not now in Europe.
In no big European country is the main party of the left, in or out of government, surging ahead. The Burson-Marsteller forecast for the European elections in June shows that the centre-right European People's party will remain the largest group in the European parliament - even if the British Conservatives and the Czech ODS fulfil their aim to leave the EPP.
There is a cloud of rhetoric on the end of capitalism - or, more often, "free-market capitalism", as if that were a wholly separate entity. Beneath it, however, lies a public mood that is deeply sceptical of a left whose governing parties in the past decade have used the surpluses generated by successful finance capital to fund their social programmes, and, in general, is even more sceptical of a far left which apportions blame but has little experience of, or programmes for, government. A comfort that leftwingers take from this is that there is little evidence of a far-right surge, though the more cautious give warning that, like a flash flood, such a shift can come suddenly.
A ler com atenção.
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